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Unformatted text preview: blic organization or program is performing in relation to service delivery costs (e.g., employee- hours per ton of garbage collected). Apply these four types of performance indicators in a public agency/department or in a municipality of your choice. Imagine that you are head of a public agency/ department, and an instructor of an Introduction to Public Administration course asks you to explain to her class the types of performance measurement indicators your organization employs. Your assignment is: 1) Write a one- page memo in which you explain these indicators to me and my class. (Assume that my class and I know nothing about performance measurement and your organization). 2) Attach to the memo a table that has the following 5 columns: (i) government function (ii) input indicators (iii) output indicators (iv) outcome indicators (v) efficiency indicators Your table should look similar to the following table (see p. 234 of our textbook) Please see the following handou...
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