Reservoir Exam1Key(F04)

Reservoir Exam1Key(F04) - PGE 331 Exam 1 Key Open book,...

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PGE 331 Exam 1 Key Open book, notes. Show all work and read each problem carefully. One hour time limit. 1. Darcy's Law Calculations. This problem deals with the one-dimensional flow of a fluid in a linear reservoir. There are two wells on opposite ends of the reservoir that are a distance L apart. The reservoir has thickness h and cross-sectional width W. It is horizontal at a sub-surface depth of 8000 ft. a. (5 points) Sketch (no calculation required) this reservoir and the flow within it. This is a very simple sketch as per below. W h L Injector Producer Flow b. (5 points) One of the wells is an injector whose bottom hole pressure is constant at 10% below a typical fracturing pressure. Estimate the bottom hole pressure of the injector. The bottom hole pressure is given by π ινϕ = 0.9Φ φραχ ∆ + Π συρφ which yields, putting in the values given in the lecture notes, π ινϕ = 0.9 ( 29 0.765 πσι φτ ÷ 8000 φτ ( 29 + 14.7 πσια π ινϕ = 5523 πσια One could also use the equation on p. 13, but there is some question about what the “pore” pressure is Alternatives include the hydrostatic pressure, the mean between the hydrostatic and injection pressure, or the injection pressure. For the latter, the equation becomes π φ = 3 1+ 2 0.9 ( 29 π φ ÷ ÷ which on solution gives π φ = 0.833∆
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This is an upper bound to go with the lower bound in the first calculation. c.
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Reservoir Exam1Key(F04) - PGE 331 Exam 1 Key Open book,...

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