Govt told women to return home advertising wwwcour se

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Unformatted text preview: n in the home housing boom – track homes b. gov’t told women to return home advertising www.cour se- notes.or g /pr int/208 2/3 11/8/13 28. Women' s Rig hts ii. Ideal mother - Leave it to Beaver etc. 6. 1960’ s & 70’ s a. birth control approved a. women have the right to choose home/career b. Feminism movement a. learns from civil rights movement 1. civil disobedience – bra burning, pageant protesting c. 1963 - Feminine Mystique - Betty Freidan Subject: US History [ 1] Subject X2: US History [ 1] Source URL: http://www.c ours e-notes .org/US_His tory /Topic _Outlines /W omens _Rights Links: [1] http://www.c ours e-notes .org/Subjec t/Soc ialSc ienc e/US_His tory www.cour se- notes.or g /pr int/208 3/3...
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