F05mt1 - Name __________________ University of Washington...

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Unformatted text preview: Name __________________ University of Washington Accounting 225 A Fall 2005 Midterm Exam No. 1 Helen Adams Max Hewitt Possible points Points scored Stewart Company - Integrated 100 Total 100 Instructions This is a closed notes, closed book exam. Read each question carefully and be sure to answer what the question asks. Be sure to include dollar amounts in all journal entries. For T accounts, remember balances. State any assumptions you feel you need to make. Try to answer all questions in the spaces provided. You need to show your working clearly to earn any partial credit . Good luck! Acctg 225 F05/MT1/Page 2 Stewart Company is attempting to classify several production costs for manufacturing overhead planning purposes . These costs and their estimated expenditures for the first two months of 2002 are included in the following information: January February Production in units 1,200 1,400 Factory Maintenance $600 $ 700 Sales commissions 800 1,200 Factory Supplies 750 790 Factory Insurance 802 802 Factory Utilities 888 1,036 Factory Lubrication 560 576 Indirect labor...
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This note was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course ACCTG 225 taught by Professor Adams during the Winter '08 term at University of Washington.

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F05mt1 - Name __________________ University of Washington...

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