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Unformatted text preview: every step between a bulldog and a greyhound.” WHERE ARE THE TRANISTIONAL FOSSILS? WHERE 1. IMPERFECTIONS IN THE FOSSIL RECORD (Darwin’s answer) 2. THEY WILL BE FOUND 1861 31,000 Invertebrate Fossil Species Known 1900 48,000 “ “ “ 1900 1970 193,000 “ “ “ 1970 1985 250,000 “ “ “ Today ????? Lots more Lots 3. PUNCTUATED EQULIBRIUM Transitional Species don’t last long Transitional Species Z Intermediate in characteristics Intermediate in time Species A Like Archaeopteryx Evolution of the Horse in size Decrease in the Decrease number of toes number Increase in Increase complexity of the molars molars 1 mya Increase Originally believed to be a linear path 2 mya 23 mya 34 mya 556 mya 56 But what if the evolutionary pattern is like Darwin envisioned? Most fossil lineages are probably branching branching Four recent horse species in Africa AND NOW Here is a story of the discovery of a spectacular series of transitional species. Although we show it as a linear series, it is almost certainly a branching scheme with still many missing pieces. It begins with Charles Darwin...
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