I would like to thank tobias adrian bill brainard

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Unformatted text preview: be more effectively achieved. But in the absence of a complete solution of that kind, it is difficult to defend the view that financial stability can be ignored in monetary policy decisions; and the development of practical real-time indicators of risks to financial stability stability is accordingly an important challenge of the present moment. ■ I would like to thank Tobias Adrian, Bill Brainard, Vasco Cúrdia, Jamie McAndrews, Benoit Mojon, Tommaso Monacelli, Julio Rotemberg, and Argia Sbordone for helpful discussions, Luminita Stevens for research assistance, and the editors of this journal, David Autor, Chad Jones, and Timothy Taylor, for many useful comments on earlier drafts. I would also like to thank the National Science Foundation for research support under grant number SES-0820438. References Adrian, Tobias, Karin Kimbrough, and Dina Marchioni. 2010. “The Federal Reserve’s Commercial Paper Funding Facility.” Federal Reserve Bank of New York Staff Report 423. Adrian, Tobias, Emanuel...
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