A integrity b publicinterest c duecare d

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Unformatted text preview: onduct A. Principles and D. Rules of Conduct Study Break Study Break Study Break 2. Which ethical principle states that members should honor the public trust and demonstrate a commitment to professionalism? A. Integrity B. Public Interest C. Due Care D. Responsibilities B. Public Interest Rule 101 ­ Independence Rule 101 ­ Independence Rule 101 ­ Independence Engagement­Based Approach Engagement­Based Approach Engagement­Based Approach • Covered Members pg. 115 Fig 3­4 • Prohibited Activities • Immediate Family Members: spouse, spousal equivalent, dependents • Close Relatives: Parents, Non­dependent Child, Siblings • Other Professionals and Their Immediate Family Members: are viewed as interest of covered members Employment with an Attest Client Employment with an Attest Client Employment with an Attest Client • Employee becomes employed by clie...
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