55 manufacturers coefcient of discharge 56 vendor

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Unformatted text preview: 0. Latent Heat of Vaporization & Units: 41. Operating Temperature & Units: 42. Relieving Temperature & Units: 43. Built-up Back Pressure & Units: 50. Selected OriÞce Area (in square in.): 44. Superimposed Back Pressure & Units 51. OriÞce Designation (letter): 45. Cold Differential Test Pressure & Units: 52. Manufacturer: 46. Allowable Overpressure in Percent or Units: 53. Model Number: 47. Compressibility Factor, Z: 54. ManufacturerÕs OriÞce Area (in square in.): 48. Ratio of SpeciÞc Heats: Yes [ ] No [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] SIZING AND SELECTION 49. Calculated OriÞce Area (in square in.): 55. ManufacturerÕs CoefÞcient of Discharge: 56. Vendor Calculations Required: Note: Indicate items to be Þlled in by the manufacturer with an asterisk (*). --``,,,`,``,,`````,,,,,`,,,``-`-`,,`,,`,`,,`--- Copyright American Petroleum Institute Reproduced by IHS under license with API No reproduction or networking permitted without license from IHS Licensee=TECNA/5935100001 Not for Resale, 05/05/2005 09:50:16 MDT Yes [ ] No [ ] No [ ] 38 API STANDARD 526 INSTRUCTIONS SPRING-LOADED PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE SPECIFICATION SHEET Line No. Fill in item number. 2. Fill in userÕs pressure relief valve identiÞcation number. 3. Specify service, line, or equipment to be protected. 4. Specify number of valves required. 5. Specify the applicable Code(s) and whether Code Symbol nameplate stamping is required. 6. Valve should comply with API Std 526. 7. Check Þre or specify other basis of selection. 8. Specify whether a rupture disk is being used under the valve inlet. 9. Specify type of main valve operation. 10. Specify number of pilots per main valve. 11. Specify if pilot is ßow or non-ßowing type. 12. Specify type of action, pop or modulating. 13. Specify sensing point as integral at main valve inlet or at a remote location. 14. Specify metal-to-metal or resilient seat. 15. If other than API Std 527, specify seat tightness test requirements. 16. Specify if pilot venting is to atmosphere, valve o...
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