Specify quantity of uid that the valve is required to

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Unformatted text preview: r special material requirements. 28. Specify screwed or bolted cap. 29. Specify if the valve is to have a plain or packed lifting lever or none. 30. Specify whether a test gag is required. 31. Specify whether a bug screen in the bonnet vent of a bellows or balanced piston valve is required. 32. Specify other accessories that are required (e.g., limit switch). 33. --``,,,`,``,,`````,,,,,`,,,``-`-`,,`,,`,`,,`--- 1. Indicate ßowing ßuid and state (liquid, gas, or vapor). Copyright American Petroleum Institute Reproduced by IHS under license with API No reproduction or networking permitted without license from IHS Licensee=TECNA/5935100001 Not for Resale, 05/05/2005 09:50:16 MDT 35 36 API STANDARD 526 34. Specify quantity of ßuid that the valve is required to relieve at relieving conditions and unit of measure (such as pounds per hr, gal per min., or cu. ft. per min.). 35. Specify the molecular weight or speciÞc gravity of the ßuid at the ßowing temperature. 36. Specify viscosity and unit of measure at the ßowing temperature. 37. Specify operating pressure and unit of measure. 38. Specify set pressure and unit of measure. 39. Specify maximum blowdown as a percent of set pressure, if different than manufacturerÕs standard. 40. Specify the latent heat of vaporization and unit of measure. 41. Specify the operating temperature and unit of measure. 42. Specify the actual temperature at relieving conditions and unit of measure. 43. Specify the increase in pressure in the discharge header as a result of ßow. 44. Specify the amount of superimposed back pressure that normally exists on the valve outlet and unit of measure. If back pressure is variable, specify the minimum and maximum. 45. Specify the set pressure at which the valve is adjusted to open on the test stand. The cold differential test pressure includes corrections to the set pressure for the service conditions of back pressure or temperature or both. 46. Specify the overpressure allowed, as a percent of set pressure or as a unit of measure. 47. Specify the compressibility factor, if used. 48. Give the speciÞc heat ratio as kp = Cp/Cv. 49. Specify the calculated oriÞce area, in square in. 50. Specify the selected effective oriÞce area in square in. 51. Specify the letter designation of the selected oriÞce. 52. Fill in the na...
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