Independent of the identifies of the reactants solid

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Unformatted text preview: f e.g. the 1 st order C D 2C uC kC t Or in one-dimension Solid State Ionics Research Lab. C 2C C D 2 u kC t x x Seoul National University Kinetics Solution of the 2nd order partial differential equation is by no means trivial. As an example, put u 0 (i.e. no convection ) C 2C D 2 kC t x One may solve the equation by Laplace transform method. Solid State Ionics Research Lab. Seoul National University Kinetics 5. Temperature-dependence of the rate-law constant justificatio n v v Ordinary Collision Molecular collision frequency Leading to Chemical reaction Empirically, ln k vs. 1/T gives a straight line. ln k Ea R k Ae Ea / RT -Arrhenius equation 1/ T -Sometimes, Solid State Ionics Research Lab. k AT ne Ea / RT Seoul National University...
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