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Unformatted text preview: ome anneal time t, A1=area 1 = amount of A removed from x>0 A2=area 2 = amount of A transported to x<0 A3=area 3 = amount of B removed from x<0 A4=area 4 = amount of B transported to x>0 A1=A2=A3=A4 Noting that the molar volume of the bar is constant, it follows that the position of the Matano interface remains a constant distance from the end of the bar. Relative to a fixed plane in space, there is a net transfer of matter to A-B side for the couple. In order to conserve volume, this means that the A-B side is growing and the pure A side is shrinking. Thus, Matano interface is shifted left side in upper figure. (d) i) the velocity of marker is given by C v (D A D B ) A x * Thus, if D A D * , D A D B , v=0. B C A C 3D B A x x Thus the markers placed at the highest concentration gradient move fastest. C C C B v 3D B A 3D B B , 0 x x x Markers move to the right side. ii) D * 4D * , D A 4D B , v (4D B D B ) A B (e) Take a look at markers in A-B alloy. The markers move to the right, but isoconcentration points move to the left. Markers don’t move with isoconcentration points....
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