Successtips_1 - before class and take notes from them – you probably won’t understand it all perfectly That’s important – you’ll have

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To Succeed in Accounting 225 … Come to big classes … prepared Attend all quiz sections … prepared Read the class notes, chapters and do the problems without the solutions Explore the textbook website and do the end-of–chapter quizzes Be an active part of your study group Think! From an email from a past student . He says :- He did poorly and didn’t come to talk to me until the end of the quarter! [ Please see me as soon as you feel you aren’t understanding the materials and/or have evidence that you are not performing as well as you’d like .] He did well on the final after implementing my suggestions. My suggestions for studying that he said I gave him:- Read the Class Notes (my personal “Cliff Notes”)
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Unformatted text preview: before class and take notes from them – you probably won’t understand it all perfectly! That’s important – you’ll have questions in your mind and receive information about those issues better. Participate in class – even (especially) if you make mistakes. Then you find out quickly where your thinking has gone awry and can correct it! Immediately (as soon as you can) after class, review what we’ve just done and try to fit it together. Why did we do it? What are the main issues? How does it fit with what we covered in the previous classes? He also made note cards and quizzed himself. If you have any further tips that I should add, please let me know. I hope this helps! Helen...
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