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Chem 141 F06 Chapter 10

Chem 141 F06 Chapter 10 - SCN(3 resonance structures H 3 PO...

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SI Questions for Chapter 10 Sections 000 and 004 Write the major Lewis structure(s) for the following molecules. Include any formal charges and resonance structures. If resonance is possible, determine the major resonance structure. H 2 CN 2 (2 skeletal arrangements + resonance) C 6 H 6 (note: contains a ring of C atoms)
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Unformatted text preview: SCN-(3 resonance structures) H 3 PO 4 ClO 2-(2 skeletal structures) Compare the Lewis structures of CNO-and OCN-. Which one of these compounds is unstable and makes explosive materials? (note that each structure had three resonance structures)...
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