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PH+162A Fall 2012 Ghost Map Take Home Quiz

13 the lewis family featured prominently in the story

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Unformatted text preview: 4. Occupants of the “Work House” shown on the Ghost Map were generally spared because they had their own independent water supply. 5. Employees working in The Eley Brothers business at the time of the Broad Street epidemic were generally spared because this business also had its own independent water supply. 6. Occupants of the Brewery shown on the Ghost Map were generally spared because they too had their own water supply. 7. The area of Soho called Craven’s field had been a communal burial site for victims in a previous outbreak of cholera a century earlier. 3 / pts First Name:_____________________ Last Name ______________________ SID #:______________ Fall 2012 8. Steven Johnson notes that, “If some rogue virus wiped out every single mammal on the planet, life on earth would proceed, largely unaffected by the loss.” But if viruses themselves disappeared overnight, all life on the planet would be extinguished within a matter of years. 9. Recycled “nightsoil” was used...
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