PH+162A Fall 2012 Ghost Map Take Home Quiz

5 employees working in the eley brothers business at

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Unformatted text preview: er system d. Charles Dicken’s efforts to advocate reform to protect the health and quality of life of working children e. all of the above 9. The means by which the Broad Street well was contaminated by Vibrio cholerae was revealed by: a. Benjamin Hall b. A local surveyor by the name of York c. Joseph Bazalgette d. Henry Whitehead e. John Snow 10. Which one of the following was most influential in the design of the Hamburg, Germany sewer system? a. Otto von Bismark b. Robert Koch c. Joseph Bazalgette d. Florence Nightingale e. Edwin Chadwick C. True/False Questions (10 points, 0.5 points each). The statements below require a True or False answer. Write in the space in the left margin whether you believe each statement to be true or false. 1. Snow’s “Ghost Map” was actually a pictorial presentation of attack rates by place of occurrence of cholera in Soho. 2. Mayhew argued that people in the “scavenger trades” were actually performing an important social function by removing human waste to farms. 3. Mayhew presented a plan to minimize the use of human waste by importing more agricultural fertilizers....
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