PH+162A Fall 2012 Ghost Map Take Home Quiz

Example what was henry whiteheads unique attribute

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Unformatted text preview: ototype of modern health department B. Multiple Choice Questions (10 points, 0.5 points each). Circle the letter of the single best answer of the choices listed below. Please note that no credit will be given if more than one letter is circled, and no credit will be given for any narrative. (Example: What was Henry Whitehead’s unique attribute relevant to the Ghost Map story? a. He was a prominent philanthropist. b. He was a skillful and meticulous writer. c. He was committed to the elimination of cesspool. d. He was concerned about the quality of life of the people of his parish. e. He had a close working relationship with John Snow from the very beginning. Answer b is the best answer for the above question. Others may have relevance to the story but are not the best fit. Answer b ensures credit; any other circled letters eliminates credit even if b is circled.) 1. Which of the following characteristics best describes the miasmatists? a. They were usually religious people. b. They were politically active. c. Some of the most vocal advocates benefited in promoting their bel...
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