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John snows investigation of the broad street pump

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Unformatted text preview: the scavenger trades? a. Edwin Chadwick b. Henry Mayhew c. William Farr d. John Snow e. Henry Whitehead 6. Which of the following contemporary groups functioned like modern public health departments? a. The Epidemiological Society of London b. The St. James Vestry Committee c. Investigators who conducted the Experimentum crucis d. The staff of the London Medical Gazette e. The London Board of Health 7. Which of the following shook the confidence of the miasmatists? a. The architectural design of the Soho district which served to separate the more affluent from the poor b. The high cost of imported nitrogen c. Snow’s investigation of the Broad Street Pump outbreak d. Snow’s investigation of the Southwark and Vauxhall outbreak e. The great stink of 1858 8. The social contract for urban living evolved from which of the following: a. Edwin Chadwick’s recognition that cesspools had to be eliminated to prevent disease b. John Snow’s investigation of the Broad Street Pump outbreak 2 / pts First Name:_____________________ Last Name ______________________ SID #:______________ Fall 2012 c. Joseph Bazalgette’s construction of London’s sew...
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