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B sewage from the thames river flowed into the

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Unformatted text preview: iefs. d. They had nothing to gain in promoting their beliefs. e. Contemporary advocates rationalized the theory, citing anatomical, biblical, and historical precedents. 1 / pts First Name:_____________________ Last Name ______________________ SID #:______________ Fall 2012 2. Which one of the following was most influential in articulating the need for a sewer system? a. Henry Whitehead b. Edwin Chadwick c. Florence Nightingale d. Joseph Bazalgette e. John Snow 3. Investigation of the source of contamination of the Broad Street well indicated: a. A direct connection between the well and several nearby cesspools. b. Sewage from the Thames River flowed into the aquifer from which the Broad Street well derived its water. c. An outdated, malfunctioning drainage system d. Fecal contamination demonstrated by investigators of Benjamin Hall’s Committee e. Fecal discharges from homes in the nearby Soho community 4. Which of the following disease names has an historical link to its assumed means of transmission? a. smallpox b. tuberculosis c. shigellosis d. malaria e. typhoid fever 5. Which of the following was an advocate for workers in...
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