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One of the few the beauty of bureaucracy bureaucracy a

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Unformatted text preview: ______ _______________ ____________! (One of the few.) _______________ The Beauty of Bureaucracy Bureaucracy A _________ descriptive term _________ Describes a type of _________________ structure __________ limited to just government Compared to other forms of organization and structure, a very efficient format Max _________________ ideal form of an organization What Makes it a Bureaucracy? An organization characterized by: An internal division of labor _______________ of work performed A vertical ___________ or chain of command Well designed _____________ for carrying out operating tasks Reliance on precedents in resolving problems and a clear set of _______ Bureaucratic Definitions Bureaucratic Bureaucracy NOT just government An administrative structure with standardized ___________, ___________ employees, _______________ management, ___________ of labor, and employees, _____________ results _____________ Bureaucrat (common usage) Government employee, often in a merit based position, apart from the political process political Bureau A small part of an agency Max ____________, Renaissance Man (Review) ____________ social scientist...
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