F09 18 Executive The Beauty of Bureaucracy FIB

Still the way many high level positions are filled

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Unformatted text preview: or criteria for personnel decisions. Still the way many high level positions are filled. decisions. __________ appointed positions ________________ When job related ______________ is the most important qualification for employment. Includes: employment. testing for employment and advancement open advertisement and competition for positions the concept of _________ civil servants - not tied to the rise and fall of a the _________ particular official or party particular The _____________ Act The First Civil Service Reform Act Passed in _____________ in response to the assassination of James A. Garfield; pushed through by Chester Arthur Garfield; Office seekers looking for patronage appointments had become a major problem Office patronage The Act reformed the ___________ system of Andrew Jackson to create the first Merit Based US civil service system Merit The Civil Service Act weakened patronage; over time it has _____...
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