Wosley finally saw himself as buckingham did he

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Unformatted text preview: e inappropriate. He said that he journeyed into a place that was too deep for him to handle. This is symbolic for what rank he was in according to the king. Wosley finally saw himself as Buckingham did. He realized that he was taking on too high of an honor that he ever should have or deserved to. The pride that once filled Wosley with a sense of power is now broken and it left him weary and old. It took so much good out of him that he had nothing left except greed. This is why he calls himself a wretched, poor man. This happened to him because he was a slave to the king. All he cared about was deceiving to please the king and gain a sense of power. He explains this man as “wretched” which shows that Wosley had a change of heart on his opinion of not only himself, but his past actions. He realized that his smile, which is symbolic for his deceiving manipulation, had the intention for ruining the king. Wosley is comparing himself to the devil in the end lines because there is no hope for him. Others and himself gave up on him and had no hope for him, making Wosley like Lucifer, cursed forever....
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