hw9.220.06 - ECE 220 Multimedia Signal Processing October...

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ECE 220 Multimedia Signal Processing October 24, 2006 Fall 2006 Homework 9 Assigned: Tuesday, October 24, 2006 Due: Wednesday, November 1, by 4:30 pm in the 220 lock-box on the 2nd floor of Phillips. Office hours: See the web page for everyone’s office hours: http://people.ece.cornell.edu/~hemami/ece220 Goals & concepts: Quantization: operation, mid-riser vs. mid-tread, average quantization error, connection between step size, number-of-bits, and dynamic range. Simple sampling of sinusoids. Relevant text sections: (Quantization) Class notes. (Sampling) Sections 4-1.1; in 4-1.2 just look at Figure 4.4; 4-1.3 keeping in mind that we actually know what the spectral representation of a DT sinusoid is; 4-1.4, section 4-2 (NOT 4-2.4), Sections 4-4 and 4-5. Helpful problems are from the CD, under “Homework Problems with Solutions” — From Chapter 4 (Sampling and Aliasing). “Sampled Sinusoid; Over-Sampled or Under-Sampled” “Sampling a Bandlimited Periodic Signal” “Sampling Cosine Signals” “Spectrum -> Sinusoids; Period & Minimum Sampling Rate” “D/C Reconstruction for Different Reconstruction Pulses” “Discrete-Time Signal x[n] Derived from Sampling an Input Spectrum” 1. Basic quantizer operation. Consider a quantizer described in the following manner: the quantizer is uniform, mid-tread, with a step size of 1.5 and provides center reconstruction.
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hw9.220.06 - ECE 220 Multimedia Signal Processing October...

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