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Homework 8 - Assume that the lift coefficient is a linear...

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AE 2020 LOW-SPEED AERODYNAMICS Assignment # 8 Please show your work and start early. 1. A flat plate at zero angle of attack is mounted in a wind tunnel where 3 / 225 . 1 sec 5 10 7894 . 1 sec / 100 2 / 101325 m kg m kg m U m N P = - - × = = = ρ μ A pitot tube is to be used to determine the velocity profile at a station 1.0m from the leading edge. It is found that the streamwise velocity varies as the th 7 1 power law [i.e., the velocity profile is given by 7 1 = δ y e u u ]. a) Write an expression for the pressure that would be measured by the pitot probe ( t P ) as a function of parameters given above. b) Create a plot of y vs. ] [ static P t P - . c) Is the flow described by the th 7 1 power law velocity function rotational or irrotational? 2. Consider an airplane that weights 14,700 N and cruises in level flight at 300 km/hr at an altitude of 3000 m. The wing has a surface area of 17.0 2 m and an aspect ratio of 6.2.
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Unformatted text preview: Assume that the lift coefficient is a linear function of the angle of attack and that o 2 . 1-= l α . If the load distribution is elliptic, calculate the following: a) Value of the circulation in the plane of symmetry, Γ . b) Downwash velocity, w . c) Induced drag coefficient, i D C . d) Geometric angle of attack, . e) Effective angle of attack, eff . 3. A certain wing has a total span of 10 m, root chord of 3 m, and a taper ratio of 0.6. The wing is composed of cambered airfoils with α L = -2 o at each section. The wing is linearly twisted geometrically such that the effective angle of attack changes linearly from 10 o at the root and 4 o at the tip. The aircraft is flying at 60 m/sec at sea level. Find a) the aspect ratio b) the wing area, and c) the lift per unit span at the wing semi-span....
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