Tutorial 1, Week 2 - Student Template

Tutorial 1 Week 2 Student Template

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Unformatted text preview: . Firstly they agree that each person would have a specific role in the company in addition to helping each other out in running the business (answering phones, running the company day-to-day). However they agree on the following functional roles: Brett Symonds – Finance & Operations Liu Ming – Legal / Operations Rohit Sehwag – Customer Relations/Sales Tessa Giannopoulos – Customer Relations/Sales They each have savings of at least $25,000, so they agree that they should set up the business with capital contributions of $25,000 each. This will give them a good base for purchasing the assets of the business. Refer strategy and industry document of an international courier company for further background. Business start up – key issues for consideration Choice of business structure; sole trader, partnership, private/public co...
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