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Rohit sehwag also has had some customer relations

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Unformatted text preview: y. Rohit Sehwag also has had some customer relations experience, after completing a degree in Marketing. Tessa knows a lot about the courier industry. She says that the industry is divided between two or three large global branded firms with a combined 70% market share, and several smaller firms sharing the remaining 30%. The larger branded firms charge more for the local courier service. The industry is in need of extra capacity as she knows of a few companies who need more courier work done but have problems getting a prompt service from the existing courier companies in the industry. She thinks there is space in the courier industry for a well-run local company which can offer a good/reliable courier service at a lower price than the large global companies in the market. The group are not quite sure where to start but they start to talk about their plans...
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