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Tutorial 1, Week 2 - Student Template

Tutorial 1, Week 2 - Student Template - BUSS1030 Accounting...

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BUSS1030 Accounting, Business & Society Semester 1, 2012 Tutorial 1 (Week 2) – Integrated Accounting Narrative Background Four university graduates were having a coffee and talking about their future when one of them said he wanted to have an opportunity to build a business. The other three agreed that would be a really good idea and after some discussion they realised that each of them had different experience to bring to the business. Brett Symonds , came 1st in his final year Accounting subject and feels he knows all there is to know about Accounting. Liu Ming completed a Law degree a few years ago and has been gaining experience as a junior lawyer for a commercial law firm. Tessa Giannopolous started working for a courier company whilst completing her degree and is currently a manager for the same company. Rohit Sehwag also has had some customer relations experience, after completing a degree in Marketing.
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