9-13 notes - Sometimes you cannot predict completely...

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International Relations 9/17/07 For 9/19: Handout: Mingst (liberation) Scientific Method 1. Question 2. Hypothesis (educated guess) a. Should have an answer/ almost do this before question 3. Test a. Test to see if your hypothesis is correct 4. Conclusion Question: What makes a pig live? Hypothesis: Food/water Air Test: Remove food and water Suffocate Pig Conclusion: Dead Pig Dead Pig MULTIPLE VARIABLES/ when u test – SEPARATE YOUR VARIABLES Unit of Analysis NS: inanimate objects Define your Terms SS: Human beings Question: What causes war? Hypothesis: Power- military one Study; Correlates of War Project (COW) Test: 80% Conclusion: people are freaks …probability/ Geophagy Question: Why eat dirt? Hypothesis: Minerals
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Unformatted text preview: Sometimes you cannot predict completely accurately. Saddhaim Husseinhe attacked Iraq; didnt work so he invaded Kuwait; so the probability is that he would again invade another country We made no fly zones Traditionalist cant predict people are freaks and probability qualitative method Questions: normative value laden questions (injects opinion) Testing: speeches, writings, history Predictability: low shouldnt predict Behavioralist cant predict accurately, but can still yield useful Questions: empirical factual questions (emulates natural sciences) - quantitative Testing: Quantitative stats, computer methods Predictability high; not as good as natural sciences, but still good...
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9-13 notes - Sometimes you cannot predict completely...

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