2--x86 Processor

Its a free download from the intel web site

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Unformatted text preview: re. It’s a free download from the Intel Web site (www.intel.com). 2.1.1 Basic Microcomputer Design Figure 2–1 shows the basic design of a hypothetical microcomputer. The central processor unit (CPU), where calculations and logic operations take place, contains a limited number of storage locations named registers, a high-frequency clock, a control unit, and an arithmetic logic unit. • The clock synchronizes the internal operations of the CPU with other system components. • The control unit (CU) coordinates the sequencing of steps involved in executing machine instructions. • The arithmetic logic unit (ALU) performs arithmetic operations such as addition and subtraction and logical operations such as AND, OR, and NOT. The CPU is attached to the rest of the computer via pins attached to the CPU socket in the computer’s motherboard. Most pins connect to the data bus, the control bus, and the address bus. The memory storage unit is where instructions and data are held while a computer program is running. The storage unit receives requests for data from the CPU, transfers data from random access memory (RAM) to the CPU, and transfers data from the CPU into memory. All processing of data takes place within the CPU, so programs residing in memory must be copied into the CPU before they can execute. Individual program instructions can be copied into the CPU one at a time, or groups of instructions can be copied together. A bus is a group of parallel wires that transfer data from one part of the computer to another. A computer system usually contains four bus types: data, I/O, control, and address. The data bus Figure 2–1 Block Diagram of a Microcomputer. data bus, I/O bus registers Central Processor Unit (CPU) ALU CU Memory Storage Unit I/O Device #1 I/O Device #2 clock control bus address bus For More BS-IT Books, Notes & Assignments visit: www.bsit.zxq.net 2.1 General Concepts Downloaded From: www.bsit.zxq.net 31 transfers instructions and data between the C...
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