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General Instructions for All Excel Assignments 1. Save all spreadsheets and graphs (if any) in one file. 2. The file name must be your Lastname_Firstname. 3. Format the table headings to be bold, wrap to two lines in a cell, and centered in the cell. 4. Format all cells having data with a % or a $ sign as appropriate. The dollar values will have NO decimals unless instructed otherwise. 5. Negative $ values, if any, should be shown in parentheses. 6. Label and specify all the given dat a in the top left of the spreadsheet. Whenever you use this data in your calculations (in formulas, functions, etc.), ensure that you use reference to the cell where the original data is given. DO NOT enter the given data again . 7. Whenever available, use the built-in functions to do the calculations; otherwise use formulas.
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Unformatted text preview: YOU DO NOT NEED THE CALCULATOR TO DO ANY CALCULATIONS YOURSELF. Let Excel do ALL the calculations. 8. If a graph is required, ensure that the graph is large and both axes and captions are properly labeled. The chart must also have a title. 9. Submit your assignment through the WebCT Assignment Dropbox before the deadline. LATE assignments will be accepted up to the due date/time but WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY CREDIT. Submission of all assignments is mandatory to pass the class. 10. MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Hence, before submitting your assignment, make sure everything is to your satisfaction....
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