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Notes 10-24 For 10-29 Ch. 4 (108- 113) Cold War I) Background – two powerful countries out of WWII a. US: Industrial base increased and intact i. Introduce the Marshall Plan to help rebuild Europe ii. Geographically – troops in all parts of the world iii. 300,000 causalities b. USSR: i. 10 million causalities ii. Geographically – possessed a huge amount of land, and gained all the resources of Eastern European iii. Powered up its military – more weapons and soldiers iv. Converted into industry- took over factories and used them
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Unformatted text preview: v. Heavy industry c. No actually/ major or direct conflict i. Had proxy fights through Vietnam and Afghanistan + Cuba ii. High tension worked out nicely d. Divisions i. Berlin first for logistics 1. U.S., France, UK, and Russia 2. Berlin Wall divide East from West ii. Who will police during reconstruction iii. Germany East and West Germans 1. West by U.S. 2. East by Soviets iv. Europe 1. West: U.S. 2. East: USSR controls a. East-West Divide b. Iron Curtain...
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