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Notes 10-24 For 10-29 Ch. 4 (108- 113) Cold War I) Background – two powerful countries out of WWII a. US: Industrial base increased and intact i. Introduce the Marshall Plan to help rebuild Europe ii. Geographically – troops in all parts of the world iii. 300,000 causalities b. USSR: i. 10 million causalities ii. Geographically – possessed a huge amount of land, and gained all the resources of Eastern European iii. Powered up its military – more weapons and soldiers iv. Converted into industry- took over factories and used them
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Unformatted text preview: v. Heavy industry c. No actually/ major or direct conflict i. Had proxy fights through Vietnam and Afghanistan + Cuba ii. High tension… worked out nicely d. Divisions i. Berlin – first for logistics 1. U.S., France, UK, and Russia 2. Berlin Wall – divide East from West ii. Who will police during reconstruction iii. Germany – East and West Germans 1. West by U.S. 2. East by Soviets iv. Europe 1. West: U.S. 2. East: USSR controls a. East-West Divide b. Iron Curtain...
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