11-5 notes - 11-5 Notes I II III For 11-7 Ch 4(113-117...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-5 Notes I) II) III) For 11-7 Ch 4 (113-117) Background Origins Political Phases a. Cold War Confrontation b. Competitive Coexistence (1962- 1969) i. Cuban Missile Crisis ii. Treaties 1. Hot Line Treaty (1963) a. teletype 2. Outer space Treaty (1967) a. Not to place nuclear weapons in space or on the moon 3. Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty NPT (1968) a. Nuclear states will not give money, technology, information, materials or any assistance to non nuclear states b. Non nuclear states pledge not to seek to make nuclear weapons c. Get assistance with nuclear energy international atomic energy agency (IAEA) goes and inspects d. Not a target for nuclear weapons c. Dtente (1969 1979) i. Vietnam (bad) ii. Nixon 1. Kissinger starts running the country a. Secretary of State b. A Doctor (Phd) therefore realist c. Domino Theory d. Over a million ppl killed e. No outcome what so ever 2. Nixon doctrine a. We will support free people but economically, spiritually, not necessarily militarily 3. Nixon went to China a. Ping Pong diplomacy i. Sino- Soviet split ii. USSR US China love triangle 4. Strategic Arms Limitation a. Talks SACT b. US USSR d. Renewed Confrontation (1980 end) i. Ronald Regan movie actor 1. sees things in black and white 2. great communicator 3. 4. 5. 6. a. complex issues into simple things b. comfortable in front of audiences didn't want deatails he was a big picture guys very popular 1980s = stability 1970s = suffering- gas crisis, Vietnam ...
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11-5 notes - 11-5 Notes I II III For 11-7 Ch 4(113-117...

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