12-3 notes - 3- 12 Notes For 5- 12 PAPER Ch 5 (147-end) II)...

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Unformatted text preview: 3- 12 Notes For 5- 12 PAPER Ch 5 (147-end) II) Second Phase 1) mid 1800 WWII 2) state/ Nation 3) European power 4) Nations v. tribes 5) Two things a. Divide single nations b. Combine many nation i. Imposing identites 6) De-Colonization a. Post WWII b. Colonial powers withdraw military c. Increase in independent states 7) Neo Colonization a. Imperialism b. Military leaves but business stays c. Dependency theory d. Satellite => raw materials & primary goods given to metropolis => which gives secondary goods back to satellite (big circle) e. Multinational i. Corps MUC as the mechanism of extraction ii. Commonalites iii. ED iv. Pen in agree idnt trade in 8) Bush 9) Why Power a. Diplomacy 10) Conservative a. Internal Barriers b. Social barriers indigenous differences i. Ethnic 1. Hutu & Tutsi Rwanda 2. Turks & Kurds ii. Religious 1. Palestinian & Israeli 2. Sunni & Shiite iii. Language 1. China: Mandarin, Cantonese, Tibetan, Mongolian, Lolo, Miao iv. Hinders Development 1. sepearte societies 2. separate identies c. Psychological Barriers 12-5 notes i. It is a mind set ii. Traditional: based on tradition; looks to the past 1. less likely to change 2. less open to new ideas 3. less conscious of time wake up! iii. Modern: anti- traditional; looks forward 1. more likely to change 2. more open to new ideas 3. more conscious of time iv. Economic 1. Corruption 2. Zimbabwe...Robert Mugabe 3. Philippines ... Ferdinand Marcos v. Population 1. world population doupling 2. Thomas Malthus demographer a. Population grows exponentially not arithmetically b. Exponentially 2x2x2x2 = 32 c. Arithmetically 2+2+2+2 = 10 d. Carryin capacity e. Equal distribuation f. China 1.3 g. India 1.1 h. Us 300 mill i. North 22% j. South 78% For 12-10 C) Neo-imperalism 1) MNC 2) Freepart McRoRan ...
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12-3 notes - 3- 12 Notes For 5- 12 PAPER Ch 5 (147-end) II)...

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