Lecture 7 The United Kingdom and the United States

Lecture 7 The United Kingdom and the United States -...

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Lecture 7 United States and United Kingdom The British approach to constitutional democracy: What makes it different from the Untied States? Great Britain (Parliamentary System) U.S. (Presidential System) 1. Political tradition - Rousseau: Man is fundamentally good by nature, so people must act virtuously in matters of public life; separation of powers or representation inhibiting in creating a system of freedom, equality, and justice - Edmund Burke (conservative forces of tradition and stability); - Hobbes, Locke, and Baron de Montesquieu (people were not good by nature); - The purpose of government was not to inculcate virtue; - The need to use ambitions to check ambitions to reduce the possibility of a tyranny (checks and balance; institutionalized self-interest 2. Constitution Unwritten (based on statutory law, common law 1 , custom and convention, and works of authority) based on court decisions Written 3. Central- local relations Unitary system Federal system 4. Distribution of power Fusion of powers (cabinet composed of the leaders of the majority party within the House of Commons; intermingling of legislative and judicial power in the upper house – House of Lords, headed by the Lord Chancellor; part of cabinet, heads the court system Separation of powers (members of Congresses barred from concurrently holding a cabinet office; Supreme Court as an independent body insulated from the pressures of political
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Lecture 7 The United Kingdom and the United States -...

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