10 when your idea of a vacation is to go to new

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Unformatted text preview: a sculptor. 9. Jim is always admiring himself in the mirror. 10. Marianne loves being with people. 11. Alfie thinks he is better than others. 12. Young Sam won every race he entered. l__________________ i__________________ g_________________ l__________________ l__________________ p_________________ a _________________ a _________________ n_________________ e _________________ e _________________ p_________________ 112 build word power in all subject areas P R AC T I C E 2 : R E T E S T I N G YO U R VO C A B U L A R Y K N OW L E D G E Do the following sentences use this lesson’s words correctly? Write T (for true) if a boldfaced word is used correctly and F (for false) if it is not. Read carefully; there may be tricks in the statements. _____ 1. Loners are people who never seem to prefer their own company. _____ 2. People who tend to speak in short sentences or who prefer not to speak much at all are described as narcissists. _____ 3. Girls are often described as being loquacious because they chat a lot. _____ 4. If you use a lot of fancy words, you may be accused of being an egotist. _____ 5. If you spend more time in museums than you do at the movies, you can definitely be characterized as an artistic person. _____ 6. Using longer words instead of shorter ones is a common habit among pretentious people. _____ 7. The young pianist so hated being with other people that even newspaper articles about him described him as an introvert. _____ 8. The gourmet chef made his re...
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