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Unformatted text preview: 6. gluttonous. Eating excessively, or doing things to an extreme. The team mascot, who loved to make jokes on himself, was considered a glutton for punishment. 7. horrified. Intensely fearful or revolted by something or someone. The parents were horrified by their children’s love of horror movies. words to describe extreme emotions 123 8. jealous. Feeling resentment because of another person’s success, qualities, or possessions. The pep squad seemed jealous of all the attention the cheerleaders got when they appeared in new uniforms. 9. obsessed. Having intense or excessive interest or concern for something or someone. The team was obsessed with the idea of making the final playoffs. 10. petrified. Being so frightened that one is unable to move. The thought of losing three games in a row petrified the team, and so they arranged an extra practice session. 11. prejudiced. Having a strong opinion without consideration of the facts; creating a negative impact on someone else. The community was prejudiced about raising t...
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