1 the marathon runners dashed toward the nish

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Unformatted text preview: nary amount of skill and knowledge. Spelling bees demand that students spell expertly and stay calm as well. 5. extremely. To do something at a level beyond the norm. The teacher was extremely patient with the noisy class. 6. frantically. To do something in a rush or panic. The fire alarm sent the students running frantically from the building. 7. sadly. To do something out of unhappiness, distress, or regret. Once the all-safe bell sounded, the students returned sadly to class; they had hoped for a day off from school. 104 use different parts of speech 8. successfully. To do something that achieves a goal; to reach success. The teacher successfully convinced the students that they needed vocabulary help. 9. suddenly. To do something in a quick, unexpected way. The cookies seemed to be taking a long time to bake, but suddenly they were golden brown and ready to devour. 10. swiftly. To do something quickly. The time passed swiftly during the movie; the students hardly realized how much time had passed. 11. thoughtfully. To do something with...
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