1 vocabulary fluency what does that word mean this

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Unformatted text preview: u may wish that you’d scored higher on that test, but never fear. You’re on your way to improving your word power by reading and completing the lessons in this book. After those, you’ll ace the posttest! P R AC T I C E : F I N D I N G O U T W H AT YO U A L R E A DY K N OW The following three diagnostic questions will help you spot specific areas you need to concentrate on to have greater word power. There are no right or wrong answers; just try to complete the questions quickly and easily. 1. Vocabulary Fluency: What Does That Word Mean? This question tests your ability to use antonyms, or words with opposite meanings. If you know what a word means, you should be able to supply its opposite very easily. In the blank next to each word, write a word that means the opposite. Time: one minute Test Word sweet different asleep run easy Was this question easy for you? Did you zoom through it? If so, you don’t seem to have problems with fluency—the ability to find the right word easily in your vocabulary inventory. If you hesitated, or...
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