1 energetically to do something with notable energy

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Unformatted text preview: the suffix -ly to adjectives. So the adjective quick becomes quickly and lazy becomes lazily. Making adverbs this way is an easy way to expand your word power; just think of an adjective, then change it to an adverb to make a verb more specific. S O M E C O M M O N A DV E R B M I S TA K E S There are some adjectives and adverbs that get confused and are often used incorrectly. Memorize their correct use. If you learn them well, and never make an error with them, you’ll immediately be perceived as a writer or speaker with both good grammar and word power. Here are the correct usages: real = always an adjective really = always an adverb Studying regularly can make a real difference. Reading really opens students’ minds. dress up verbs with adverbs 103 bad = always an adjective badly = always an adverb Lynne has a bad cold. Jimmy did badly on his vocabulary test. good = always an adjective well = almost always an adverb, except when it describes health Jimmy is usually a good student. He didn’t feel well on the day of...
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