10 georgina who claimed she only listened to

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Unformatted text preview: ersecute 4. bibliography 5. legible 6. dual 7. affect 8. adopt 9. prosecute 10. precede Definition a. double b. written clearly c. have an effect on something d. punish e. exclude f. list of books g. modify or change h. take legal action against i. go ahead or in front of j. take on as one’s own which is the right word? 75 P R AC T I C E 3 : U S I N G C O N F U S I N G WO R D S I N S E N T E N C E S Fill in the blanks with words you’ve learned in this lesson. 1. Submitting school assignments in __________ form is always sure to get you halfway to your teacher’s heart. 2. Authors often include a __________ at the end of their books in order to direct readers to additional resources on the same subject. 3. Jin and Lin, both from Beijing, were ________ by the Adams family last year. 4. To _______ to American ways, the girls have had to learn new customs as well as new words. 5. The _________ of studying regularly is often an improvement in your schoolwork. 6. _________schoolwork often suffers when a...
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