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Unformatted text preview: ad the list slowly and carefully to make sure you understand the words. If you can, think of a mnemonic to help you remember each word’s meaning, or think quickly of a sentence using the word. 1. allocate. To set aside for a specific purpose. The teacher allocated 15 minutes each day to a review of new vocabulary words. zip up your verbs 95 2. attain. To accomplish or achieve. Students who want to attain high marks must allocate time every evening to undisturbed study. 3. augment. To increase or add to. Readers seeking to augment their vocabulary will enjoy reading this book. 4. cease. To stop. The students’ laughter ceased as soon as the tests were handed back. 5. compensate. To pay; to make up for something. 1. The teacher is compensated for her hard work with a yearly salary. 2. Many students tried to compensate for their lack of hard work by charming the teacher with smiles and jokes. 6. compile. To put together from various sources. The class compiled its new vocabulary list from s...
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