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Unformatted text preview: ng emotions you’ve had. WO R D S T H AT D E S C R I B E E X T R E M E E M OT I O N S 1. contempt. The feeling that someone or something is inferior or not worthy of respect; the state of being thought of as inferior. Some major league players feel contempt for minor league players who have ambitions for greater glory. 2. delirious. The feeling of uncontrolled excitement or happiness. The cheerleaders were delirious with joy when their team made it to the finals. 3. despise. To think of something or someone with contempt, hatred, or disgust. The coach despised his team’s lack of commitment to regular practice. 4. envy. To be unhappy because someone else has possessions or qualities. The elementary school students envied the middle school kids’ privileges at recess and lunchtime. 5. furious. Filled with rage or fury; full of energy or speed, as in a furious storm. The teacher was furious when all the students failed to do their homework, and the students were equally furious when the teacher assigned them another essay to write....
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