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Unformatted text preview: the test. The team played well in yesterday’s game. A DV E R B S TO K N OW A N D U S E W E L L This lesson provides 12 very useful adverbs, many of which you may already know and use in their adjective form. They’re accompanied by short definitions, in case you don’t know the words already, and sample sentences. Read the list carefully and think of ways you can incorporate (add) the words into your daily vocabulary. Too often we use the same old words over and over, without attempting to make our sentences more lively and decorated. 1. energetically. To do something with notable energy, dedication, or extra effort. The students attacked the new science project energetically. 2. enthusiastically. To do something with eagerness or intense feeling. The class approached the lesson in cookie baking enthusiastically. 3. experimentally. To follow established procedures in order to establish the truth or accuracy of something. Lasers are being used experimentally to monitor sales in the school store. 4. expertly. To do something with an extraordi...
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