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Unformatted text preview: sh your neighborhood had a dog park? Do parks need to be cleaned up? These are local issues about which you may have a political opinion. The following list of words, many used frequently in political conversations, will help you build word power, and maybe even help you influence local political decisions. WO R D S A B O U T P O L I T I C S 1. caucus. A meeting organized in support of a particular interest, group, or cause. Members of the Green Party met in caucus last month to nominate their candidates. 2. constituent. A part of a whole; a resident in a place represented by an elected official. The congresswoman’s constituents demanded that she listen to their complaints. 3. facilitate. To make something happen easily. When groups disagree, they may need a go-between to facilitate an understanding about the differences between them. 4. federal. The central government of a country. The federal government oversees the maintenance of the highways that connect all the states. 5. hierarchy. The arrang...
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