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Unformatted text preview: nternist to visit the class and explain her career path to students interested in the practice of general medicine. 4. nurse practitioner. A registered nurse with a college nursing degree and advanced training that qualifies him or her to perform some duties of a physician. Many medical offices and clinics employ nurse practitioners who handle simple problems and free doctors to work with complicated cases. Jason became a nurse practitioner in order to fulfill his lifelong dream to help people. 5. obstetrician. A spet who cares for women during pregnancy and childbirth. My mother was so grateful to Abigail, her obstetrician, for helping her through her pregnancy that she named me after her. 6. oncologist. A spet in the study of cancer, including diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. People who forget to apply sufficient sunscreen may develop skin problems and need to visit an oncologist. 7. ophthalmologist. A spet who cares for the eye and its diseases, frequently performing eye surgery. (Note the complicated spelling of ophthalmologist.) I visited an ophthalmologist to treat an eye infection I developed on a recent trip to a rainforest. 8. optometrist. A spet who examines and treats problems with sight, including the prescribing of corrective lenses. Janet’s optometrist encouraged her to choose eyeglass frames she liked; it was essential that she wear her glasses at all times, no matter what color the frames turned out to be. you may see t...
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