11 sardonic ironically humorous sarcastically mocking

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Unformatted text preview: ant to avoid the circumlocutions and redundancies—those bad speaking and writing habits you learned about in the previous lesson. All the words in this lesson are adjectives, the most versatile part of speech. You might want to look back at Lesson 11 to review some other powerful adjectives you‘ve learned. As you learn 212 build word power in special ways these new adjectives, stop to think about how many additional words it might take to convey the meaning of just one well-chosen adjective. TIP: Words with extra power convey complicated meanings in a small space, an ideal goal for anyone seeking true vocabulary breadth and power. WO R D S W I T H E X T R A P OW E R 1. cacophonous. Describes loud, confusing, and disagreeable sound or noise. My parents consider my favorite hip hop music nothing but cacophonous noise. 2. demure. Modest, reserved, and even shy. Cinderella is a classic example of a demure young woman. 3. esoteric. Understood by or meant for only the special few who have private or secret kn...
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