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Unformatted text preview: om the Greek etumon, meaning true sense of a word). The study of the origins and historical development of words, including the changes that occur in words as they move from one language to another. Scholars all over the world study the etymology of their own language in order to better understand their cultures. 7. geology (from the Greek geo, meaning earth). The science that studies the physical history of Earth and its rocks, as well as the geology of other planets. Examining the geology of Mars is a fascinating new area of work for many young geologists. 8. neurology (from the Greek neuro, meaning nerves). The study of the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the nerves and of the nervous system. Patients who suffer serious spinal cord injuries depend on neurologists to help them regain mobility. 9. ornithology (from the Greek ornith, meaning birds). The branch of zoology that studies birds. Birdwatching, a popular hobby all over the world, is really an amateur branch of ornithology. 10. paleontology (from the Greek palaios, meaning old or ancient). The study of the life f...
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