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Unformatted text preview: ulary words in the book’s glossary is another useful strategy for refreshing your knowledge. The test should take about 30 minutes to complete. The answer key at the end of the test provides the lesson number in which each question’s vocabulary word appears. Don’t peek, and good luck! 218 posttest 1. A synonym is a. a law that protects animals. b. a word that means the opposite. c. a word that means the same. d. a law that covers financial matters. 2. An antonym is a. an apology offered formally. b. a person who fights for the other side. c. a word borrowed from Latin or Greek. d. a word that means the opposite. 3. The best place to look up a word’s meaning is a. a good dictionary. b. a thesaurus. c. the index of a book. d. Wikipedia. 4. The word nuance means a. the first definition of a word. b. the strict dictionary definition of a word. c. the subtle differences in meanings of words. d. the word suggestions in a thesaurus. 5. The word denotation means a. the ending of a wor...
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