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Unformatted text preview: bout being kept tied up. _____ 9. Being prejudiced about another group is not always a sign of ignorance. _____ 10. To be petrified of snakes is usually a safe plan when you’re in the desert. _____ 11. If you are obsessed with becoming rich, you may miss many of life’s cheap pleasures. _____ 12. Being terrified of tests is usually the sign of being unprepared to do well on them. P R AC T I C E 2 : I D E N T I F Y I N G S T R O N G E M OT I O N S Fill in each blank with the word from this lesson that fits the description. The first letter of each correct answer has been provided. 1. Jane wishes she had as many friends as Stacy. 2. Tom is very scared of losing a match. 3. Suzanne thinks her siblings are idiots. 4. Sid’s desire to eat is out of control. 5. Jim hates that his brother is smarter than he. 6. The bride is crazy about her groom. 7. The team’s victory made them joyous. 8. Cats are usually thought to hate dogs violently. 9. The coach was really angry about the team’s work. e______________ t ______________ c______________ g______________ j ______________ o______________ d______________ d______________ f______...
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