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Unformatted text preview: rtant psychologists for his theories about the workings of the human mind. 4. Dinosaurs are among the principal subjects of study for spets in paleontology. 5. Studying words and their histories is the work of scientists in the field of neurology. learn words for the sciences 137 6. The study of astronomy has been an inspiration to scientists, as well as science fiction writers and moviemakers. 7. Studying rocks, volcanoes, and mountaintops is not the work of geologists. 8. Philology, a very specialized field of language studies, seeks to trace the development of languages. 9. The study of biology is the first requirement essential to the medical profession. 10. If you like bugs and you aren’t afraid to touch them, and you like the idea of traveling to faraway jungles, you should consider becoming a professional etymologist. 11. Becoming an entomologist probably won’t make you rich, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your study of insects is a serious contribu...
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