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Unformatted text preview: n all subject areas 4. A constituent is a. a member of a group. b. an elected official. c. a law about to be voted on. 5. To implement is to a. submit to a vote. b. argue for a position. c. make something happen. 6. Ideology is a. a group’s vote. b. a set of ideas of beliefs. c. a committee proposal. 7. An incentive is a. something that motivates. b. a majority vote. c. an elected official. 8. To mediate is to a. agree on a difficult position. b. propose a new law. c. resolve differences between two groups. 9. A caucus is a. a new idea or process. b. a majority vote. c. a meeting in support of a particular interest. 10. To legislate is to a. argue local issues. b. take a group vote. c. pass laws. words about politics 175 P R AC T I C E 2 : U S I N G P O L I T I C A L WO R D S I N S E N T E N C E S Fill in the blanks with words you’ve learned in this lesson. 1. The committee chairperson offered a/an ___________ to the members in order to get them to agree on her proposal. 2. The ____________ government of the country oversee...
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